Research in your jammies

Did you know you can find full-text scholarly articles, electronic books and more, any time, without leaving your nice, warm house?  Forsyth Library’s online materials are just a few clicks away, and are available 24/7.  If you live off-campus, you’ll need to set up Off-Campus Access first.  Then, click Find Articles, Databases, and on the database you’d like to search.  These two are a good place to start:

InfoTrac Databases: a group of databases covering nearly every topic, which can be searched singly or in combination.  Check the ones you want to search, or just hit Continue to search them all.  Check the box for “full-text” to see only those items which have a link to the complete article.  Check peer-reviewed if you only need scholarly articles.

Wilson OmniFile:  This one is made up of several elements which focus on particular disciplines, including Education, Social Sciences, Business and more.  Check the box at the top for one of these, or check OmniFile to search them all.  Enter your term(s) and limit to full-text, peer-reviewed, and/or by date, if desired.

Need help?  Just call us at 785-628-5283 or e-mail us at

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