Go Straight to the Source – C-SPAN Online

Don’t rely solely on media coverage to find out what YOUR government is doing and saying. 23 years of C-SPAN coverage is now available online for free. There are restrictions on re-braodcast, but viewing is completely free for anyone who wants to see all the action from Capitol Hill.

The site features some nice browsing tools, like “Most Recent”, “Most Watched” and “Most Shared”.

Here’s some search advice from Information Today:

“C-SPAN has not provided any search help as of yet, so a few warnings are in order. The word search automatically looks for variations on your search terms; corn will find corners, Cornyn, and Cornhuskers. Use double quotes around a single word or phrase to limit results to exact matches. Another caution: In most cases, C-SPAN uses the full name of an entity and does not supplement the indexing with acronyms or alternative names. For example, many videos refer to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, but none can be found by searching on AIPAC. (The Video Library team hopes to add supplemental names, or nicknames, for both people and organizations in the near future.) The program descriptions, with summaries and other metadata updated daily, are a great boon to searchers. With the lack of more sophisticated search power on corrected transcripts, however, browse becomes an ally.”

Make sure your participation in this great democracy is full – get to know the lawmakers of today, yesterday and tomorrow through their own words and actions.


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