Touch has never been so cool!

Technology — am I ready for “Induction Cooking” and/or the “iPad”?

touch logo

designed by Emily

Both are safe to the touch!

It was suggested that I may be interested in reading this article from New York Times about “Induction Cooking.”  I do have a MW/Convection Oven that I like and I’m not ready to buy an induction range yet, but that may be in the “future” — Pros and Cons.

I have several types of iPods (shuffle with headset – no cord, classic, touch). I have been ready for an iPhone, but our area isn’t ready for that technology; thus the iPad may not be for me yet either 😦

I purchased a Kindle a couple of years ago (I did wait for the second generation of the Kindle even with the warnings) — Pros & Cons. I enjoy: being able to connect 3G wireless coverage to the web almost anywhere (not limited to Wi-Fi by using Whispernet), to have the option for it reading to me (if I started reading a book or newspaper and had to travel for a short distance I use the speech option — cool!), the size & weight, the readability of the pages, cheaper price than the hard copies, long battery life, font size options…

I would like it to be “touch friendly” (instead of the controller buttons) & have a light (or backlight).  These things may come in the future or I’ll just wait for the 3rd or 4th generation of the iPad Pros and Cons.

On the MacBook Pro, I’m really glad I now have Parallels instead of BootCamp to use the one Windows program (only when I’m out of town).  I was so excited that I could still use the lighted keyboard,  “send keys” pull down options, capture part of the screen option (not full screen) and I can toggle between Mac OS & Windows easily…

I’m almost ready for the old technology of a flat panel TV, Blu-ray player (players may be replaced with hard drives) & Wii, but by then who knows about  3-D home TV in the future?

Isn’t Technology Great when it works — author unknown


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