New Items From Digital Collections:

Our digital collections are primarily intended for students, faculty, and patrons to examine archival materials of great historical interest.  We have collections ranging from early photographs of Fort Hays State University (back when it was called Kansas Normal School), NASA documents related to the Apollo space missions, to glass plate negative photographs of families in Western Kansas.

We have also recently added two important historical documents, The Dodge City Police Docket and April 17, 1865 New York Times.

Dodge City Police Docket: Access here:

Dodge City Police Docket

Dodge City Police Docket

Used by Dodge City between 1878 and 1882, this Police Docket contains descriptions of court cases during the heyday of the wild-west frontier.  Browsing through the book you’ll be able to see the signatures of famous lawmen Wyatt Earp, Doc Masterson and others.    The provenance of the book is just as interesting as the book’s contents.  After residing in Dodge City for nearly a hundred years, the book suddenly disappeared.  It was located after a vigilant FBI agent noticed the docket being sold in an online auction site in 2008.  The book now resides in Dodge City.

April 17, 1865 New York Times Access here:

New York Times newspaper from 1865, published April 17th, 3 days after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  The newspaper is reproduced here in its entirety.   You’ll be able to read primary accounts of the assassination as well as initial reaction to it.  You can also read about the inauguration of Andrew Johnson as well as his inaugural address.

New York Times Newspaper

April 17, 1865 New York Times Newspaper

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