Choose Privacy Week

May 2-8 is the launch of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom’s (OIF) first Choose Privacy Week. The purpose of the event is to help citizens become more aware of their personal privacy and make informed privacy decisions.  Visit the links provided below for more information about various privacy policies, privacy organizations and selected articles about privacy.  Have you read the privacy policies of the services you use?  To see if you are familiar with computer terms used that can affect your privacy play the Computers and Privacy Word Search game.   While online privacy is important, please also consider other aspects of privacy.  The Federal Trade Commission offers the publication: Privacy: Tips for Protecting Your Personal Information.

The Learning Commons has an online tutorial on this topic called Clean Up Your Digital Act!

Why Privacy?

Privacy Basics

5 Facebook Privacy Tips You Need to Know

Facebook Open Graph: What it means for Privacy

Privacy Mythbuster


Facebook Privacy Policy

Facebook Site Governance

A Guide to Privacy on Facebook

Google Privacy Policy

YouTube Privacy Policy (in addition to Google policy)

myspace Privacy Policy

Twitter Privacy Policy

Yahoo! Privacy Policy


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