Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Strange?

Ah, the Internets.  A vast store of human knowledge, the great equalizer where everyone can voice an opinion regardless of expertise, mental status, or ability to spell.  You can use it to expand your mind, investigate controversial issues, watch funny cat videos, or just gaze at the endless, sometimes jaw-dropping display of human weirdness.

In the tradition of bibliotherapy, (the recommendation of books based on their ability to soothe or solve a particular problem), I propose some “blog-therapy”. (Caveat: the humor on some of these sites ranges from innocent to not-so-innocent. Occasionally you may see posts labeled NSFW , which means Not Safe for Work).

Worried your family is odd to the point of lunacy? Check out Awkward Family Photos, where you can see a family of Trekkies in The Final Frontier, and the strange–nay, terrifying–spectacle of Eye Contact (if you don’t understand what is strange about this photo, look under the woman holding the baby). Soon your family will seem like the Waltons.

Are you a klutz? A stumbler? A bumbler? Do you put the “freak” in freak accident?  My friend, turn to Learn from My Fail, where people share their unfortunate lapses in judgement for our enjoyment.  This blog is part of the venerable Cheezburger Network, home of LOLCats, There I Fixed It, GraphJam, Happy Chair is Happy, and many more.  A veritable smorgasbord of stress-relieving silliness.

And finally, in this often ugly and mean-spirited world, a little cuteness goes a long way.  I give you Cute Overload, which pairs animal pictures with witty comments.  Or how about Disapproving Rabbits, or Hays’ own The Daily Bark, a blog from Dr. Jessica Braun’s Western Plains Animal Refuge.

You can even set up an RSS feed and get posts from these sites delivered daily.  Do you have a favorite blog or site that helps you make it through the day? Tell us in the comments!


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