Remembering Jordan Boor

While the academic year at Forsyth Library has yet again begun with optimism and enthusiasm, our usual excitement is dimmed a little this year at the news of the passing of one of our students. Jordan Boor worked last year in the Learning Commons, and was one of the friendly faces visitors to Forsyth Library would see immediately as they walked through the front doors. Anyone who came to the Learning Commons for help on Jordan’s shift would remember him as knowledgeable and eager to help. Jordan had a special gift for trouble-shooting and for technology – his steadfast refusal to give up on a problem astounded and delighted the students and staff who came to him for help.

On the other side of the desk, Jordan’s fellow student workers and the professional staff at Forsyth were treated to a co-worker with a bright smile, a funny story, and a technology tip at the ready.  Throughout the year I spent as his supervisor, I was continually impressed by his innovative approach to his work and his dedication to helping people. Jordan was an integral part of making the Learning Commons a friendly place to visit and a positive voice for technology on campus. His last shift before summer break sums up his attitude and work ethic: hearing about a staff software problem just before we began our end-of-year party, he voluntarily – and without an ounce of negativity – ran across campus and solved the issue before returning to our festivities.

As a newcomer to Kansas who had never worked at a university before, I had a few questions about what I would find in Hays and at FHSU. Although many people helped me see the beauty in the state, the city and the campus, Jordan had an infectious enthusiasm for each that made me appreciate their special charm even more. Among the lessons Jordan taught me were:

  • always keep a coat in the truck, you never know when the weather’s going to change
  • the restart rule applies to all technology, not just computers
  • order the sauerkraut pizza from Lomato’s – you won’t be sorry

Jordan will be missed – and remembered with warm hearts – across campus, in the library, and, especially, in the Learning Commons.


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