Welcome Back!

The staff and student employees of Forsyth Library welcome you to a new semester at Fort Hays State. We also want to welcome Dr. Cynthia Garrety, our new staff member, who is the Learning Commons Coordinator. Cynthia, who comes to us from the great state of Iowa, is a marvelous addition to our staff. She has lots of new ideas, so stop by and find out what the Learning Commons can do for you.

Cynthia Garrety, new Director of The Learning Commons

Cynthia Garrety, new Director of The Learning Commons

There have been some changes made over the summer which I would like to bring to your attention. The first change involves the subject guides that can be found on the library’s website. Several members of Forsyth Library’s staff have been working on updating the guides using a program called LibGuides. The link to access our published guides is http://fhsuguides.fhsu.edu/. I have enjoyed putting together the subject guides using this resource, as I think it adds a lot more variety to each guide.

The library has a new program (EZProxy) that will greatly benefit patrons who access our resources from off-campus. When you click on a resource that requires authentication, it will first take you to the FHSU secure authorization page which will allow you to enter your TigerTracks ID and password. As long as you are logged in from that point, you will be able to access the library’s online resources without having to re-authenticate for each different resource.

The Reference Desk has modified the hours that a librarian will be available to help with your research questions. The new hours are as follows:

  • M – Th  9:00 am-5:00 pm; 6:00-10:00 pm
  • Friday  9:00 am-5:00 pm
  • Sat.     10:00 am-5:00 pm
  • Sun.    1:00 pm-10:00 pm

The Special Collections Room (Room 122 on the main floor) is now a closed room, meaning that it is locked all the time. The room will be staffed from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. The staff who work in evenings and weekends will not have access to this room during those times, so please keep that in mind when you do need to use something from the Special Collections area. If you need to do research in the room, to look at a book from the Western Collection or Military History collection, or want to have a class tour, please call or email Patty Nicholas ahead of time to make an appointment. Call 628-5901 or email pnichola@fhsu.edu.

Mark your calendars for an event at the library on September 23. “Library Legends: Dead Man’s Hand”  is a fun-filled evening that starts out with a free BBQ meal for the first 100 students and continues when clues are given to solve a mystery within the library. Watch for more information about this library mystery evening in a later blog post.

If there are any questions or comments about the library, please let us know. It is nice to have the faculty and students back on campus for another semester. Good luck to all!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Thank you to the staff at Forsyth Library and the Learning Commons for making me feel so welcome. I look forward to being a part of such a ‘forward thinking’ team and have enjoyed meeting the students and faculty of Fort Hays State during my first weeks here. I hope you will all take a moment and stop by and say hello!


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