Reveille Past and Present

Forsyth Library welcomes alumni and friends back to campus this weekend for Oktoberfest and Homecoming! The library will be open on Friday until 4:30, and we will resume regular hours on Saturday. Stop by and visit for awhile!

Homecoming is a time for reunions, and one of them is the The Leader/Reveille/University Relations reunion which will be taking place on Saturday afternoon. The University Archives (located on the main floor of the library) has copies of all the yearbooks, microfilmed copies of the newspaper, and copies of many years of press releases from the University Relations office. The Reveille is among the most asked for item in the University Archives, and the first yearbook that was published is now online, thanks to the efforts and work of our Digital Collections personnel.  We will be inputting  more yearbooks online as the year progresses. Here is the link where you can view the 1914 Reveille –

Reveille 1914The Reveille began publication in 1914 shortly after William A. Lewis became President of Fort Hays Kansas Normal School. It was published annually, with the exception of 1918 and 1919. Those two editions were combined into one yearbook which was published in the spring of 1919, and it was the “Victory Edition”.  The editions for 1944 and 1945 are really thin which indicated that the campus was basically a “no mans land” due to the men being at war. According to Dr. Forsythe’s book “The First 75 Years”, the students of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s were concerned about the usefulness or value of the yearbook, but it still remained a part of campus life through that time. In 2003, it was recommended to the Student Government Association that the yearbook cease publication. The SGA Allocations Committee cut the Reveille from the budget in April of that year.

Have a fun and safe Homecoming weekend, and Go Tigers!


Wherefore Art Thou, Professor Hornswoggle?

Beloved FHSU professor, Penelope FlimFlam-Hornswoggle, has gone missing in Forsyth Library.  She apparently got so caught up in her research into the early days of Hays and all its legends, that she wandered off into some forgotten nook and no one can find her.

She needs your help!  Grab a friend or two and come to the library tonight, Thursday Sept. 23, from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m and try your hand at solving the mystery.  The first 100 players get free BBQ, plus there will be live music, games, and a chance to win some great prizes.  If you solve the mystery, you’ll win a prize, get entered into a drawing for some bigger prizes, and receive a certificate of completion that you can show your professors. Not to mention that the next time you have to do a little research of your own, you’ll already know all the trails.  And no one will have to come looking for you.

The Wild Man Cometh

He really was tall, dark and handsome. He was also a dead shot who didn’t suffer fools gladly.  To some he was a hero, a man of dignity, and faithful friend. To others, he was a reckless, trigger-happy drunk.  He provided law and order, or something close to it, in old Hays City for a time, and he’s coming back.  Keep yer eyes peeled, and watch this blog for more clues to come.