“Food for Fines” Program Returns

Now is your chance to reduce your fines and help feed a hungry family this holiday season at the same time…

From Dec 6th through Jan 31st Forsyth Library has launched its Annual Food Drive for Fines Program.

Bring in any un-expired, un-damaged canned food item and for each item donated $1.00 will be forgiven towards the overdue fine owed (5 items=$5.00 in fines forgiven).
Note: Food items cannot be used to clear Fees owed from “Lost” or Damaged items. 

Only canned food items will be accepted for the Food for Fines exchange.  Other food items may be donated if someone wishes to do so.

Food for Fines will be accepted from December 6th through January 31st.  All food collected will be donated to the Community Assistance Center Food Pantry.

PDF or flyer

adapted picture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/istorija/3345850330/