Need Information on a Current Issue?

question markIf you’re writing a paper or presenting a speech concerning a current issue, the Reference Collection periodically receives a series of books (Opposing Viewpoints) that fulfill this informational need.  Fifty-one titles were received this past year and each title explores a controversial contemporary topic.  Field experts express their opinions in a pro/con format, and viewpoints have been selected from respected, hard-to-find publications.  Tables, charts, graphs, and statistics are also available.

A few of the topics for titles received include: the Middle East; school reform; obesity; video games; health care; energy alternatives; global warming; political campaigns; globalization; offshore drilling; gun violence; crime; Afghanistan; drug abuse; privacy; consumerism; debt; the banking crisis; and prisons.

In order to find other contemporary issues, go to our online catalog and key in “Opposing Viewpoints.”  The most current issues can be found by limiting your search to “year.”  You’ll soon discover that titles for 2011 have already arrived!–J.A.S.

Presentation – February 3rd / Sesquicentennial Exhibit

Kansas 150

The Special Collections Area of Forsyth Library invites you to come celebrate Kansas’ 150th birthday on Thursday, February 3. Kansas will turn 150 years old this Saturday, January 29.

Marla Matkin, of Hill City, will give a presentation at 2:00 p.m. in the South Study Area. “Cherishing Our Historical Legacy” invites you to become an active participant in chronicling the American spirit.  Through true stories of those who forged a new life in the West and celebratory song this presentation connects you to the past and the unique individuals who sacrificed and triumphed.

The Sesquicentennial Exhibit is set up to commemorate the 150th birthday of Kansas which will be celebrated throughout the state in the coming year. See this web site’s calendar for the listed events that will be taking place –

The 18 new display cases, built by FHSU carpenters and installed in the South Study Area, contain a number of items from the collections of Forsyth Library. The exhibit includes petroglyphs, maps, model buildings, printing plates, stuffed tigers and other memorabilia of FHSU. The exhibit will continue through July 31.

A petroglyph is defined as a rock carving, especially a prehistoric one. Our collection of petroglyphs come from along the Saline River in Ellis and Russell Counties, and includes an obsolete technique of fabric rubbings, plaster casts of the carvings, and copper etchings of the carvings. Nova Wells’ book, Petroglyphs of Saline River Valley, Kansas, provided all of the information for the exhibit of the petroglyphs.

The map collection consists of seven framed maps of Kansas dating from 1855-1879. We were graciously given permission by the Special Collection and University Archives. Wichita State University Libraries to use the captions from their excellent web site: A Collection of Digitized Kansas Maps.

The model buildings, which are near the reference desk, represent the church, the school, and the Sisters Convent from the town of Catharine, located 10 miles northeast of Hays. Other model buildings may be seen in the Special Collections Room.

The petroglyph collection was donated by Nova and Carl Wells, the framed maps of Kansas were donated by Timothy Johnson, and the model buildings were built and donated by Jerome Schmidt.



Your professor tells you that you have to do a “research” paper, how do you start??????

You can begin by:  1)  coming to Forsyth Library, 2)  going to Forsyth Library’s home page,  3)  giving Forsyth Library’s Reference department a call (785-628-5283 / 1-800-628-FHSU, ext 5283), or 4) email Forsyth Library’s Reference department

 Forsyth Library’s talented Reference Staff are always willing to assist students with their research assignments.  We can work one on one with you when you come in or set up an appointment time whichever is best for you.  Whether you are a virtual student or on campus, we can even set up a time to walk you through our website over the phone. 

 One important thing to remember is: 

“Don’t Hesitate, Ask, Get Started Now”!!!


Useful Reference Books

Peterson’s Graduate and Professional Programs: An Overview RefL901/.P442

 Are you looking for schools that offer graduate or progessional programs for your area of study?  If so, this new six volume set provides information on programs offered by accredited U.S. Colleges and Universities.  It also includes accredited schools in the U.S. territories as well as those in Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Africa.  Besides the volume that provides an overview, the following five volumes are also available: (1) Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences; (2) Graduate Programs in the Biological Sciences; (3) Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences, the Environment, & Natural Resources; (4) Graduate Programs in the Engineering & Applied Sciences, and (5) Graduate Programs in Business, Education, Health, Information Studies, Law & Social Work.

Encyclopedia of Middle East Wars: The United States in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq Conflicts

This new, monumental five-volume set provides information on U.S. actions in this volatile region.  Although this source traces 20th and 21st century U.S. involvement in the Middle East and South-Central Asia, it emphasizes the last three decades.  Primary and contemporary documents with appropriate introductions are also provided.

The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
Reserve Desk QD65/.He

One of the most heavily used resources in Reference is The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.  The newest edition has now arrived and is available at the Reserve Desk.  Older editions are still located at the Reserve Desk and in the Reference Collection.  Sometimes referred to as the “Rubber Bible” or the “Rubber Book,” this indispensable resource contains chemical and physical properties, chemical tables, aqueous solubility of organic compounds, and flash point data on common substances.

Another CRC Press publication that has been recently received is The Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


Affiliate Library of the Family History Library

CertificateThe Special Collections Area of Forsyth Library is now an Affiliate Library of the Family History Library, which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Affiliate Library status allows patrons to request most microfilm and microfiche that is listed in the Family History Library Catalog.

The library provides microfilm readers that allow patrons to print the images/pages from the microfilm. The microfilm can be viewed during the hours that the library is open, including evenings and weekends. Anything ordered through this service has to remain in Forsyth Library.

The fee for ordering microform is $5.50 for each microfilm and fifteen cents for each microfiche. The loan time is 60 days which includes shipping time to and from the Family History Library.  This assumes 15 days shipping time each way, so the patron will have about 30 days to view the microfilm. There is a $5.50 charge for renewal of the microfilm for an additional 45 days. Microfiche are considered “indefinite loan” and do not need to be returned.

Patrons can refer to the Family History Library Catalog at to search for microfilm to be sent to our library from the Salt Lake Distribution Center. Patrons need to come in to Forsyth Library’s Special Collections Room (Room 122) on the main floor to place the order and make payment during the hours that the room is open, which is 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday.

If there are any questions, please contact Patty at or 785-628-5901.