Affiliate Library of the Family History Library

CertificateThe Special Collections Area of Forsyth Library is now an Affiliate Library of the Family History Library, which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Affiliate Library status allows patrons to request most microfilm and microfiche that is listed in the Family History Library Catalog.

The library provides microfilm readers that allow patrons to print the images/pages from the microfilm. The microfilm can be viewed during the hours that the library is open, including evenings and weekends. Anything ordered through this service has to remain in Forsyth Library.

The fee for ordering microform is $5.50 for each microfilm and fifteen cents for each microfiche. The loan time is 60 days which includes shipping time to and from the Family History Library.  This assumes 15 days shipping time each way, so the patron will have about 30 days to view the microfilm. There is a $5.50 charge for renewal of the microfilm for an additional 45 days. Microfiche are considered “indefinite loan” and do not need to be returned.

Patrons can refer to the Family History Library Catalog at to search for microfilm to be sent to our library from the Salt Lake Distribution Center. Patrons need to come in to Forsyth Library’s Special Collections Room (Room 122) on the main floor to place the order and make payment during the hours that the room is open, which is 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday.

If there are any questions, please contact Patty at or 785-628-5901.


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