Presentation – February 3rd / Sesquicentennial Exhibit

Kansas 150

The Special Collections Area of Forsyth Library invites you to come celebrate Kansas’ 150th birthday on Thursday, February 3. Kansas will turn 150 years old this Saturday, January 29.

Marla Matkin, of Hill City, will give a presentation at 2:00 p.m. in the South Study Area. “Cherishing Our Historical Legacy” invites you to become an active participant in chronicling the American spirit.  Through true stories of those who forged a new life in the West and celebratory song this presentation connects you to the past and the unique individuals who sacrificed and triumphed.

The Sesquicentennial Exhibit is set up to commemorate the 150th birthday of Kansas which will be celebrated throughout the state in the coming year. See this web site’s calendar for the listed events that will be taking place –

The 18 new display cases, built by FHSU carpenters and installed in the South Study Area, contain a number of items from the collections of Forsyth Library. The exhibit includes petroglyphs, maps, model buildings, printing plates, stuffed tigers and other memorabilia of FHSU. The exhibit will continue through July 31.

A petroglyph is defined as a rock carving, especially a prehistoric one. Our collection of petroglyphs come from along the Saline River in Ellis and Russell Counties, and includes an obsolete technique of fabric rubbings, plaster casts of the carvings, and copper etchings of the carvings. Nova Wells’ book, Petroglyphs of Saline River Valley, Kansas, provided all of the information for the exhibit of the petroglyphs.

The map collection consists of seven framed maps of Kansas dating from 1855-1879. We were graciously given permission by the Special Collection and University Archives. Wichita State University Libraries to use the captions from their excellent web site: A Collection of Digitized Kansas Maps.

The model buildings, which are near the reference desk, represent the church, the school, and the Sisters Convent from the town of Catharine, located 10 miles northeast of Hays. Other model buildings may be seen in the Special Collections Room.

The petroglyph collection was donated by Nova and Carl Wells, the framed maps of Kansas were donated by Timothy Johnson, and the model buildings were built and donated by Jerome Schmidt.

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