Need Information on a Current Issue?

question markIf you’re writing a paper or presenting a speech concerning a current issue, the Reference Collection periodically receives a series of books (Opposing Viewpoints) that fulfill this informational need.  Fifty-one titles were received this past year and each title explores a controversial contemporary topic.  Field experts express their opinions in a pro/con format, and viewpoints have been selected from respected, hard-to-find publications.  Tables, charts, graphs, and statistics are also available.

A few of the topics for titles received include: the Middle East; school reform; obesity; video games; health care; energy alternatives; global warming; political campaigns; globalization; offshore drilling; gun violence; crime; Afghanistan; drug abuse; privacy; consumerism; debt; the banking crisis; and prisons.

In order to find other contemporary issues, go to our online catalog and key in “Opposing Viewpoints.”  The most current issues can be found by limiting your search to “year.”  You’ll soon discover that titles for 2011 have already arrived!–J.A.S.

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