Library guides for research

Research – Library Guides

When you are ready to begin your research paper, you want to know how to find information on your particular topic.  Forsyth Library’s reference librarians have compiled numerous library guides on a variety of disciplines.  To access these, under the Research tab on our web page, select “Find research guides by subject”.  Next select your discipline (i.e. Agriculture).


You will notice that there are several tabs on the guide.  Each will assist you when doing different aspects of your research.  We will be discussing several of these in the next blog posts. 

The first will be the general information tab.  This will give you information on a variety topics such as library hours, how to access resources from off campus, asking questions, interlibrary loan, and handouts on different topics.

The second one is discussing research tips such as how to determine key search terms as well as tips and strategies for research.

Check back next week and we will be discussing how to find articles and books.


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