Research – Finding Articles

Research – Finding Articles

Your professor probably wants you to locate not only books on your topic, but also articles.  Depending on your topic, you might need not only general articles, but also some more scholarly (or peer reviewed) articles.  

Let’s begin with Articles.

 You need to know that “Off-campus access” to most Forsyth Library electronic resources is restricted to authorized users (FHSU faculty, students, staff). If you are off-campus and select a restricted resource you will be directed to the FHSU Secure Authorization page. Enter your TigerTracks username and password. That’s it. You are authenticated! If you are already logged-in to TigerTracks or Blackboard you are already authenticated.

From the library’s web page, choose “Find Articles and databases.”  You can then go directly to the databases or use the 360 search (keep in mind this is not a comprehensive listing of databases dealing with selected disciplines).

There are more tutorials listed on the library guide for your discipline on the “tutorial” tab.

When you begin your searching the hardest thing is deciding on keywords to search by.  Once you have those you can begin searching.  All databases have similar features with regard to searching.  They will have both simple and advanced search screens.  Sometimes it is best to use the advanced in case you need to narrow down your topic.

When you have the results of your searches, you will then need to evaluate them as to their appropriateness for your topic.  You need to do this step as some articles will not be relevant to what you need. 

Databases also have similar features with regard to your search results.  You will have the full bibliographic citation that you will need for your reference section of your paper.  Some of the citations will have abstracts (a brief summary of the article), some might also provide you with the full text in an .html (Word document format) or a .pdf (scanned image) format.  Also, some databases may not have access to that articles’ full text, but it may note “Find article”, “Link source”, or “Get article”.  If these terms are present, the database will search other databases owned by the library to see if the full text is located in one of those databases.  If it is, you will be directed to the appropriate database, if not, you will be directed to use our Interlibrary Loan service.

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