Lyin’ Around Waitin’ For a Good Book?

Take a proactive stance instead and use Forsyth Library’s online catalog to help you find the books you really need.  Click on “Find Books” on the library’s homepage and then “Forsyth Library Catalog.”  Key in your topic and click “Search.”

For example, if you’re looking for some new or fairly current reference books for psychology, world politics, Asian-American literature, or study guides, you might find these titles:

The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology
Ref BF31/.E52

One of the most desirable resources for psychology, The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology, has been recently received.  It has articles on DSM disorders, treatment methods, commonly used tests, scales, and assessment methods, statistical methods and issues, as well as biographical entries.

Other new psychological resources received include Campbell’s Psychiatric Dictionary; Handbook of Psychological Assessment; Mental Health Disorders Sourcebook; The Professional Counselor’s Desk Reference; Encyclopedia of Addictions; The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology: and Encyclopedia of Counseling: Changes and Challenges for Counseling in the 21st Century.

Europa World Year Book: 2010
Ref JN1/.E85

This new 2 volume set provides detailed country surveys with statistical, analytical, and directory information for over 250 countries and territories.  The statistical section is particularly valuable and has the most up-to-date figures from official national, regional, and international statistical offices and agencies on agriculture, industry, finance, trade, health and welfare, etc.  International and regional organizations are also listed.

Other sets in the Reference Collection that have background information about countries include The Statesman’s Yearbook and Countries of the World.

Encyclopedia of Asian-American Literature
Ref PS153/.A84/037

Specialists of Asian-American literature have written entries about important Asian-American authors in this current reference book.  A brief synopsis and critical analysis are also provided for their major works.

A number of other useful works in the Reference Collection provides criticisms of writers’ works.  Some of the well-known titles include Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Poetry Criticism, and Short Story Criticism.  Criticism for children’s literature can also be found in Children’s Literature Review and Something About the Author.

Peterson’s Master the GRE
Ref LB2367.4/.P48

Are you planning on taking the GRE this semester?  If so, we have a fairly current study guide in the Reference Collection.  Study guides are also available at the Reserve Desk or in the Reference Collection for several other standardized tests given on campus such as the ACT, SAT, PPST, LSAT, CLEP, DAT, GMAT, MCAT, OAT, and TOEFL.

Remember, if you’re not finding the book or article that you need in our library, please utilize our Interlibrary Loan Department.  They will be glad to order materials for you from other libraries.–J.A.S.

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