Virtual Students Services

Virtual College Students:


You have access to all the resources and services that on campus students have access to.  Forsyth Library staff are happy to assist you in any way we can.  This includes:

  • Personal assistance by phone or email (785.628.5283 OR 1.800.628.FHSU, ext 5283 / ). 
  • Limited research and literature searches with approval of your professor
  • Access to our online catalogs (AquaBrowser OR Online Classic Catalog)
  • Online databases containing articles/article citations on virtually every topic, from journals, newspapers, and magazines, most of which are not freely available on the web.
  • Full-text electronic books  which can be read online.
  • Distance Services, through which you can obtain books and articles owned by Forsyth Library or from other libraries.
  • Research Subject Guides which contain the best databases, journals, reference books, citation guides and more, tailored to a specific topic or discipline.


Off Campus Access to Library Resources 

Off-campus access to most Forsyth Library electronic resources is restricted to authorized users (FHSU faculty, students, staff).  If you are off-campus and select a restricted resource you will be directed to the FHSU Secure Authorization page.  Enter your TigerTracks username and password.  That’s it. You are authenticated! If you are already logged-in to TigerTracks or Blackboard you are already authenticated. 

If you have questions about accessing or using library electronic resources, please contact the Reference Desk at 785-628-5283 or at


Locating Resources for Research
On the Library’s web page, to the right of the picture banner, are two tabs:  1)  Research and 2) Services.

Under the Research tab you will find the resources you need to locate books, both in print and e-book collections (Find Books), articles in our many online databases(Find Articles and Databases), subject guides on multiple disciplines (Find Research Guides by Subject), and other resources such as citation guides, search engines, web sites by subject-choose Reference websites by type of source (Find Other Resources).

Distance Services Department

This department can obtain articles or books (those owned by Forsyth Library as well as other libraries).  Choose the link above or choose the tab  “Distance Services” from the library’s web page . 

You may submit your requests in one of three ways:

  1. Fill out and submit the distance request form (book or periodical )
  2. Submit the full book or article reference citation in the body of an email to: 
  3. Submit the full book or article reference citation as an attachment to an email to: 

 *** Note*** Fill out and submit a Statement of Responsibility Form , it is required for a first time user and/or if your information has changed since your last request.
Receiving articles from Forsyth Library using our Electronic Document Delivery System:

Most or our requested articles come to us electronically.   We scan and post the document information (usually articles) to a website for you. You will receive an email from: FHSU Forsyth Library ILL <>. This email will give you a password (which is case sensitive and usually some form of your name) and an URL. At that URL , you will enter your email address and the password (supplied in the email from InterLibrary Loan). You will then be taken to a web page designated for you with your document(s) listed. Select an article and it will appear on your screen. (You will need Adobe Acrobat on your machine (latest version preferred — free download at: ). You will also need Java (free download at: ) on your computer (there are links for both on the URL page). Make sure you have disabled any pop-up blockers as the document opens in another window. You can then read your document or print it off. The article/item will stay at this website for 28 days.

Receiving Books:  via mail (you must reimburse the library for postage) 

If we own the book you request, we will check it out to you and mail it to you via the U.S. Postal Service.  If we do not own the book, we will request it from another library, mail it to you, and you return it to us prior to its due date.  Due dates can vary from each lending library.  Sometimes the lending library will allow renewals, if requested prior to the items due date.  Sometimes if you live close to a public library, you might request the item via them as you probably will not have to pay postage and can have the item for a longer period of time.

Assistance with research:

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail if you need help finding information for your assignments.  We will be glad to “walk you through” searching the databases or online catalog.  We will also do limited research for you with professor approval.  When we do the research, we will email you citations so that you can decide if the material is relevant or not.

Reference Desk:          785.628.5283 or e-mail us at

Distance Services:      785.628.5566 or e-mail at

Regular Library Hours during Fall & Spring Semesters:

Mon – Thurs:       7:30 am – Midnight     (Librarian on duty until 10:00 pm)
Fri   7:30 am – 7:00 pm (Librarian on duty until 5:00 pm)
Sat   10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Librarian on duty all day)
  1:00 pm – Midnight (Librarian on duty until 10:00 pm

Check the Library’s Hours page for special holiday hours and Summer Hours, etc.


Remember, Ask a Librarian if you need to, Do Not Hesitate!!!

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