You Mean There’s Something Better Than Wikipedia??

 You better believe it!!  Since Wikipedia is open for editing by everyone, it makes this source unauthoritative and unreliable.  Credo Reference, on the other hand, is a database that presently has 635 online reference books that are scholarly.  Even more new and updated resources will be added in the future.

 To find this database, go to the library website and click “Find Books” under the “Research” tab on the right side of the screen.  Next, click “Credo Reference Books” and type in a keyword or keywords to find information on your topic.  Another choice would be to click “Find a Book” which shows titles of reference sources for a variety of subjects.  You could then choose to look for information in one reference book or one subject which has a number of reference sources.

 At the present time, the following subjects are available with the number of reference books that are available for that subject:  Art (23); Business (47); Food & Beverage (6); Bilingual Dictionaries (18); Biographies (45); Dictionaries (10); Encyclopedias (6); Quotations (10); Geography (22); History (70); Language (26); Law (11); Literature (35); Medicine (35); Music (9); Philosophy (23); Psychology (21); Religion (18); Science (60); Social Sciences (121); and Technology (19).

 Try it!  You’ll like it!                                                                                                                J.A.S.

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