You Mean There’s Something Better Than Wikipedia?? Part 3

Another scholarly source of online reference books is a database called Oxford Reference Online.  It is available on our library website by clicking “Find Books” under the “Research” tab on the right side of the screen.  Next, click “Oxford Reference Online” on the following screen.  Key in a search term to find information on your topic or click “Subjects & Books” which will shows titles of reference books for a variety of subjects.  Like Credo Reference, citation information will be provided at the end of each entry.

 The following subjects and number of books available for that subject are now available in Oxford Reference Online: Art & Architecture (10); Bilingual Dictionaries (18); Biological Sciences (12); Classics (6); Computing (3); Earth & Environmental Sciences (9); Economics & Business (9); Encyclopedias (2); English Dictionaries & Thesauruses (10); English Language Reference (17); Food and Drink (4); History (32); Law (8); Literature (23); Maps & Illustrations (3); Medicine (11); Military History (6); Mythology & Folklore (9); Names & Places (5); Natural History (8); Performing Arts (13); Physical Sciences & Mathematics (9); Politics & Social Sciences (21); Pre-History (5); Quotations (5); Religion & Philosophy (13); and Science (42).

 Oxford Reference Online is updated at least three times a year with new titles or revised editions.  In the last update, 775 entries were updated and 103,900 new entries were added.

 Since Oxford Reference Online and Credo Reference each have their own collection of online reference books, you may want to check both sites for information.  ENJOY!                          J.A.S.

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