How many times have you heard that before and you’re saying, “What?  How can they do that?  Right during the best part of the show!”

Well, excuse me, but I’d just like to interrupt your show (or whatever else is going on in your life) to introduce you to a few current sources in the Reference Collection that may make your “research” life a little easier.

We have a lot of books that deal with current issues such as Popular Culture (HM621/.P654/2011); The Middle East Peace Process (DS119.76/.M466/2011); Student Life (LA216/.S783/2011); Cosmetic Surgery (RD119/.C6816/2011); The United Nations (JZ4984.5/.U5355/2011); Deregulation (HD3616/.U47/D425/2011); and War Crimes (K5301/.W3673/2011).

Some current health materials we’ve received include Obesity (RA645/.O23/O22/2011; Sexually Transmitted Diseases (RA644/.V4/S36795/2011); ALA Guide to Medical & Health Sciences Reference (R118.4/.U6/A43/2011); and Mosby’s Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference (RB38.2/.P337/2011).

Some other new history references are The Forties in America (E169.12/.F676/2011); American Decades 2000-2009 (E169.12/.A419/2011); and Iran (JZ1480/.A57/I7/2011).

New business materials that are now on our shelves include Tax Reform (HJ2381/.T384/2011); Reforming Wall Street (HB3722/.R427/2011); and Unemployment (HD5724/.U593/2011).

…And other reference books too numerous to mention are just waiting for you to discover them!

I will now return you to your regularly scheduled program.                 J.A.S.

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