Learning Express Library

Yesterday a situation came up in the Library that reminded me of a resource I was aware of, but never really thought about: Learning Express.  Learning Express is available through the State Library of Kansas, but has a lot to offer the FHSU community.  Here is part of the Learning Express blurb from their web page  “Each of our Learning Centers offers the practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, eBooks, and information you need to achieve the results you want—at school, at work, or in life”.

This resource contains college preparation tests such as the ACT and TOEFL.  In the Occupation Practice Tests section there are preparation materials for the LSAT, ASVAB, and CMA exams.  Tabbed sections include resources for workplace skills and for college students.  These sections have resources for business skills, AP placement practice exams, personal finance, and test taking skills.  There is much more here than I can mention in this short note.

You do need to register to use this resource and you do need to be in Kansas.  Remember, this resource is provided by the State Library of Kansas, not Forsyth Library.  If you are using a computer on campus or with a Kansas IP address you should not have any problems.  If you do experience a problem, you might want to use your code from a Kansas Library Card.  Kansas Library Cards are available at your local public library.

To use Learning Express, go to http://www.kslib.info/, and then click on “Explore Our Resources”. Select “Learning Express” from the list of resources on the left side of the page. After that you will need to register as a new user or log in as a returning user.  Begin looking for materials by choosing a tab at the top of the page.  To add resources to your account click “add to my center” in the area at the right of the resource you would like to use.  Then you may need to click a download button on the right side of the page.