Consumer Action Handbook

Image of Publication Cover

The Consumer Action Handbook is available online and includes access to consumer information on multiple topics.  Categories included in the book include animals, cars, computers, consumer protection, education, employment, family, federal programs, food, going green, health, history, housing, money small business, and travel.  The Handbooks is also available in Spanish.

Most publications listed in the book may be downloaded at no cost; however I did see a few exceptions.  Some publications may be ordered in print.   Most publication I saw was available in .pdf format.  The last title listed below shows it is also available in ePub or mobi format for digital readers.

Here are examples of some of the titles I found:

Online Penny Auctions: Nothing for Something

Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies Makes Sense – Get Ready Now

Check Your Credit Report

For Public Sale: Used Federal Government Personal Property

“Greenscaping” Your Lawn and Garden

Fly-Rights: a Consumer Guide to Air Travel

Saving and Investing for Students

Diploma Mills: Degrees of Deception

You can organize and Simplify Your Financial Life: A How-To Guide