Inauguration Day – January 21, 2013

How much do you really know about inauguration day?  Do you watch all the televised events?  Maybe you only try to catch the swearing-in.  The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies has a website to help you learn more.   The “about” page includes links to information about the inauguration of specific presidents.  The Day’s events tab gives a brief history of the events that typically take place on inauguration day.  The swearing-in page shows the inaugural platform being built.  I don’t know when they begin the process of building the platform, but I have seen them building it in October so it must be a fairly long process.  I wasn’t able to get as close as the picture on this page shows because the area was fenced off.  However, I was able to walk down the stairscapitolstairs the President will walk as he makes his trip to the inaugural platform.   This page also links to the text of inaugural addresses.  The luncheon tab even includes recipes from recent inaugurations.   There is also a media and getting tickets tabs.

If you are planning to attend the inauguration you may want to see this guide from the District of Columbia government.  It includes information such as “getting there” and “closures” and “spectator information”.  As I write this the website isn’t complete yet, but it should be helpful as they continue to add information.

Here are some other links you may find interesting.

George Washington’s inaugural address

Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953 Presidential Inauguration

Presidential Inaugurations – from American Memory


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