EasyBib Library Edition Trial

EasyBib Library Edition*TRIAL*  Give your research and scholarly efforts a boost with EasyBib. This resource can provide you with millions of bibliographies to help you explore topics via keyword search, organize your notes, format your citations whether APA, MLA, or Chicago, and properly credit sources to avoid plagiarism. It can also help you evaluate the credibility of website sources! You may have used the free version of this tool before but the library edition adds more features to help you organize your research. The EasyBib Library Edition is ad-free, and you can access this trial on campus or remotely. This trial is provided to FHSU through April 12, 2013. Please respond to Jennifer Sauer with questions and feedback.


IRS Tax Map

The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) sells a 2012 Tax form cd from the IRS for $30.  This same information is available free if you use the online 2012 Tax Map.  It’s a useful tool that helps you locate tax forms and publications by subject instead of by form number.  The Tax Map index is arranged alphabetically.  If you want tax forms or publications about investments click on the “I” for a listing.  Some forms and publications forms are shown form informational purposes and may not be used when filing taxes.  These forms carry notices on them when they are listed only for informational purposes but may not be used when filing taxes.

Of course, tax forms and publications are also available on the IRS website.

Tweet, Text, or Chat the staff at Forsyth Library!!

Have you ever been working on an assignment from the comfort of your own apartment or dorm room and realize you have a question only the librarians at Forsyth Library can answer?

Have you ever been in a discussion with your buddies and you need to prove your side of the argument?

Your professor has assigned a research paper and you have no idea how to navigate the zillions of articles and books in the library?

Now, reaching the library staff at FHSU’s Forsyth Library is as easy as your computer screen or your cell phone.

Just navigate to http://www.fhsu.edu/library and look about halfway down on the right side of the page. Here you will see a chat bubble that either says  “chat is online or the chat is offline”. Either way you can reach a librarian. 



If the icon says chat is online you know that a librarian is at the other end and you can ask them all those burning questions. If the icon says offline you will submit your question to LibAnswers and a librarian will respond as soon as they log back into the chat.

Do you Tweet? You can ask a question of our librarians via Twitter by placing @forsythlibrary before or after your question.

Your librarians can also be reached via SMS text. Just text your question to: 1-785-527-9483

Let us know other ways we can become your research partners!