Tidbits from the University Archives

The other day as I was going through some boxes of material for the archives, I came across some files of information that Dr. L. D. Wooster used as he was writing the first history of the college. The book, titled Fort Hays Kansas State College: A Historical Story was published in 1961.

Among the items was a hand-drawn map of the college with the Hays Municipal Airport located just to the west of the campus along the Union Pacific Railroad line. No date was on the map. There was also another hand-drawn map of the college that was most likely drawn around the year 1912. Picken Hall (Administration Building), Martin Allen Hall (Gymnasium), old Rarick Hall (Agricultural Building), and the Incubator are all shown on this map. These maps and the other items were put into acid-free file folders and placed in an acid-free file box.

Other new items added to the archives recently include five papers written by students in a class taught by Dr. Kim Perez last fall – Topics In History: Local History. Many of the houses in the neighborhood directly east of the campus were lived in by faculty members and their families during the earlier years of the college. The students picked four houses that were lived in by the following families: L. D. Wooster (212 W. 7th), Fred Albertson (403 W. 7th), C. F. Wiest (503 W. 7th), and Katherine Bogart (425 W. 5th). The fifth paper is actually a transcript of an interview done by the students and Dr. Perez with Patricia Start Van Doren and her son, Dave; the home that Mrs. Van Doren grew up in is located at 413 W. 13th. The writer of the paper on the house at 425 W. 5th found that it was never owned by Kathrine Bogart, but that she may have lived there as a renter.

L. D. Wooster (Wooster Place Apartments) was a professor of biological sciences and later President of the college; Fred Albertson (Albertson Hall) was a professor of botany; C. F. Wiest (Wiest Hall) was a professor of philosophy; Katherine Bogart was a professor of English; and James Start (Felton-Start Theatre) was a professor of speech.

The University Archives has many stories to share. Feel free to stop by and do some research in the Special Collections Room on the main floor of Forsyth Library!


Economic Security: Neglected Dimension of National Security?

pentagonHow important is our economic security to our national security?  A recent government publication has published papers from a 2010 conference on this topic.  For more information about the book go the Government Book Talk blog.  You may view the publication online at http://permanent.access.gpo.gov/gpo18251/economic-security.pdf .