What’s new in the Learning Commons?

First, we want to clear something up! Forsyth Library is still where students come to check out iPads, Laptops, Cameras, Camcorders and Projectors.  The One Stop Desk can also help you troubleshoot your computer problems. This area is now called your One Stop Shop Desk and is the first place you should stop when you come into Forsyth Library with questions.

The Learning Commons is now located down the hall from the One Stop Desk in room 112. We’re still here to help you with your tech problems, as well as give you one on one or small group instruction about software programs, presentation prep and practice, installing programs, finding free resources, and video editing. This list is not exhaustive and we’re willing to stretch our knowledge base to meet your needs, just ask!

We’ll also be coming into classrooms around FHSU so if your professors are assigning a video, presentation, or digital photography assignment, feel free to let them know we are here to come in as extra sets of hands in the classroom

The goal of the Learning Commons (TLC)  remains to take the stress out of technology at FHSU. Stop by and say hello!


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