Genealogy – Prologue

Prologue magazine is a quarterly publication of the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA).  Along with the many historical events covered in the publication, there is a monthly feature called Genealogy Notes in every issue.  Genealogy Notes was published for the first time in the summer of 1989 and has covered many topics over the years.

I have listed some sample article titles from recent Genealogy Notes below.

v.45: no. 3/4 2013 – Ancestors from the West Indies: A Historical and Genealogical Overview of Afro-Caribbean Immigration, 1900-1930s

v.45: no. 2 2013- “We’re still alive today” A captured Japanese Diary from the Pacific Theater

v.43: no. 3 2011 – Leaving the Army During Mr. Madison’s War: Certificates of Discharge for the War of 1812

v. 42: no. 2 2010 – 68,937 and Counting: Searching Inmate Case Files from the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas.

Some articles may be read online or the print issues are available in the Government Documents Department at Forsyth Library. There is also at least a partial online index to the online Genealogy Notes available.


Black History Month

The Library of Congress is hosting the site African American History Month. The site is sponsored by several entities and includes links to online exhibits & collections on topics such as, art, music, baseball, and civil rights.  Presentations given previously for the various site sponsors are available as video and audio presentations.  Links to teacher resources have also been included on this site.

Be sure to check the Forsyth Library Catalog for resources on black history.  Many of our newest resources are available to view on your computer or download to your mobile device.  If your search results indicate the title is available through ebl you will be required to enter your Tiger Tracks log in information.