Lives Change @your library

One of my favorite things I loved to do when I was growing up in Stockton, Kansas was to visit the public library. It is a beautiful brick building that is an original Carnegie Library. A new addition funded by money given by Stockton residents Frank and Marvel Walker was added on the south end of the original library in 1984. The addition now holds the books and other materials while the Carnegie building is used as a reading area and for exhibits and meetings. After working here at Forsyth Library for a number of years, I visited that library of my childhood. One of my first thoughts was “oh, it never seemed this small when I was a little girl!”

I remember going to this library to read my favorite magazines and check out the new books. My parents were both educators who taught my sisters and me the importance of reading in your everyday life. I still love to read, and today we have options that I never would have dreamed about as a little girl. Today I can check out a book from the library and download it onto my Nook or I can do it the old fashioned way by checking out the paper copy of a book. You can check out audio tapes and listen to a book as you drive in your car. Music CDs and movies on DVD that can be checked out – for free with a library card! All libraries have computers to access various databases that are subscribed to by each individual library, or you can access the Internet.

April 13-19 is National Library Week and the theme is “Lives Change @ your library”. There are a number of different ways that you can share how libraries have changed your life.

If you Tweet, use the hashtag #LivesChange and #NLW14
Snap a library selfie in a library and share it on your Twitter or Facebook account and use @forsythlibrary
Sign the Declaration for the Right to Libraries
Post on the FHSU Forsyth Library and Learning Commons Facebook page

How has a library changed your life? Share your stories with us!


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