Fort Hays Trivia for Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day, Friday, November 11, I have some trivia questions. Fort Hays State President William A. Lewis (1913-1933) was a history buff, and he named several buildings  for historical figures. See if you know who they are and which building was named for them. I have provided some links below from a library database which provide some information.

  1. Which campus building was named for a man who took part in the Battle of the Arickaree (or more commonly known as the Battle of Beecher Island)?
  2. Which campus building was named for the wife of a man who was a lieutenant colonel at Fort Hays in 1867?
  3. Which campus building was named for a General who was known for his hostile views towards the Indians and directed campaigns against the Southern Plains Indians and the Sioux Indians?

This is a picture of a train car that is now housed at the Hays American Legion, 13th and Canterbury. The car was one of many “40 & 8” trains that had been used in World War I and World War II to transport American soldiers across France. After World War II ended, the Americans ran Friendship Trains throughout Europe beginning in 1947. These trains carried food and hope to the region that had been devastated by the war.

The French decided to give 49 of these cars to the United States as a thank you for to the Americans for Franco-American wartime cooperation and for the Friendship trains. A French “Merci” Train was sent to each state in the United States and was filled with gifts. The train for Kansas had its home in Hays, and it was on the campus from 1949 to 1975. It was located between McCartney and Albertson Halls, and had fallen into disrepair by the 1970’s. The American Legion asked if they could take it to restore to its original glory and place on their grounds.

To the veterans, we thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Answers can be found in these links, which can be viewed through Forsyth Library’s databases:

The answers to the questions are:

  1. Forsyth Library
  2. Custer Hall
  3. Sheridan Hall