Ten Reasons to Visit YOUR Library

1.  Hear about issues regarding the Haiti Earthquake Disaster on Wednesday, April 28th at noon.  Free pizza and pop will be provided for the first 25 people who attend this Times Talk presentation.

2.  Enjoy a hot cup of cappuccino, coffee, or tea from our coffee bar in the front lobby of the library.  Snacks and soft drinks are also available.

3.  Meet your study group in one of our smart study rooms that are equipped with large flat-screen TV monitors, laptop-ready hook-ups, DVD/VCRs, and comfortable furniture.

4.  Use one of our computers to access library resources, do homework, or explore new topics or ideas.

5.  Get all the help you need for your research from one of your friendly Reference Librarians.

6.  Kick back and relax in one of our soft chairs or comfortable sofas.

7.  Check out a laptop, digital camera, digital camcorder, digital sound recorder, or other equipment in the Learning Commons.

8.  Bring your student ID card and join us for a couple of pieces of pizza, an apple or orange, and cookies on May 9th at 6:00 P.M.

9.  Improve your writing skills by calling for an appointment to receive individual assistance in the Writing Center.

10.  View the ever-changing exhibits, pictures, displays, posters, and other visuals available in our facility.

 (Did I mention we have oodles of books, magazines, and newspapers here?)    J.A.S.